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Miami Dolphins will be a top team in AFC following the 2020 Draft

Miami Dolphins will be a top team in AFC following the 2020 Draft

The Miami Dolphins have had a long drought of not entering the playoffs or being a contender. When the 2020 NFL season starts, the AFC East will be wide open- since Tom Brady left. The New England Patriots have lost their cover boy; Tom has moved and signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Dolphins have built what looks like a Strong Culture and atmosphere with Coach Brain Flores, at the helm. Flores is installing what many call the “Patriots way.”

The organization freed up millions of dollars and traded away talented players while still achieving a 5-11 record. The organization did this with guys that people have never heard of. The Dolphins were able to get a team-high 14 Draft picks in the process. The 14 Draft picks gave an abundance of ammunition to Chris Grier and Flores.

Various analysts criticized the Dolphins front office for their decision to tank and “Suck for Tua,” but after observing what has transpired in the 2020 NFL Draft, I think it’s safe to assume, the team is being directed in the right path. The addition of Tua Tagovailoa, Austin Jackson, Noah Igbinoghene, and Robert Hunt in the first round should get fans excited for what is coming. The Dolphins now have the Franchise QB they have all been dreaming of. Tua is a highly talented dual-threat quarterback that can take control of the AFC East.

Now that the Patriots don’t have Brady throwing touchdowns, The Phins have an opportunity to capitalize on a weak New England team. Also, a very weak New York Jets team that is coached by ex-head coach Adam Gase. The Phins appear equipped to take over the AFC by adding much-needed depth and critical position players to essential areas on both the offense and defense.

The Phins added big names like Matt Breida, Kyle Van Noy, and Emmanuel Ogbah. The addition of these players will make the Dolphins a contender for multiple years. As it stands now on paper, the best team in the AFC East is the Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins now seem to have enough firepower and a solid defense to regain the glory days of the 70s.

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