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Heat are primed for playoff race as practice resumes

Heat are primed for playoff race as practice resumes

The Miami Heat team finally commenced their basketball practice on Wednesday. The team had 12 players show up. The NBA released a strict set of guidelines as they prepare to attempt and salvage the remainder of their season. This type of limited personal maybe a new way to train and workout for the rest of the year.

Per guidelines, the team is not allowing more than four players to train at a time. Heat legend Udonis Haslem detailed his experience on the Heat Social Media channels. 

14 of Miami’s 17 members are under contract. Many of these players stay within the South Florida area and are available to engage in the team’s voluntary practice. During the shut down, only three Heat players were quarantined outside of South Florida. Jimmy Butler, Solomon Hill, and Andre Iguodala are all in California and did not participate in the workouts.

The NBA promptly suspended the 2019-20 season following Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the COVID 19 in March. At the time, the Heat was fourth within the Eastern Conference, winning six of their last 10 games. Before the stop to the season, the organization was getting adjusted to newcomers Jae Crowder, Iguodala, and Hill.

While this might not guarantee a competitive advantage for the Heat, it is excellent news that the young team will get more time to heal and sharpen their skills. There is no clear timetable for when the NBA will continue or how games will be played for the 2019-20 season.



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